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Since the establishment of the China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce, we have been focused on the communication and cooperation between China and Europe in the economy and international trade, culture, scientific research, and other aspects.

The China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce was established in 2019 in Dresden, an important industrial city in eastern Germany. Its members include representatives and experts from Sino-German auto parts manufacturers, auto sales companies, handicraft manufacturers, industrial logistics, and insurance service companies. Composition of experts. It aims to help small and medium enterprises in China and Europe to reduce risks and achieve success in cooperation through promotional activities and business support services.


  • Assist clients in government lobbying within the legal framework
  • Provide multiple communication, coordination, and negotiation channels
  • Facilitate industrial cooperation, technology export, market-entry, and scientific research cooperation
  • Provide member companies with business services including visa application, exhibition preparation, conference organization, legal consultation, and translation, etc.
  • Promote, accelerate and participate in cultural, artistic, educational, and publishing activities
  • Independently plan and host various forums, conferences, and professional lectures

As China-EU economic and trade relations mature and the areas of cooperation continue to expand, the EU has become China's largest trading partner, and China is the EU's second-largest trading partner. Since 2020, China’s President Xi Jinping has successfully met with EU leaders twice, which lends strong political impetus to the development of China-EU relations and enriches the content of China-EU practical cooperation. The significant progress achieved in the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment will also improve the quality and upgrading of China-EU economic and trade cooperation by creating more opportunities.


Benefiting from more than ten years of work experience in China-EU business exchanges, every staff of the China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce team is not only a commercial expert but also a cultural envoy. Our team members communicate perfectly in Chinese, German and English; know well of European and Chinese taxation and other legal affairs; aim to provide members with tailor-made consultation and services to help companies seize business opportunities, integrate advantages, and expand the market in a comprehensive and multi-level manner.


So far, the China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce has extensively covered joint-stock and private enterprises in many industries such as the steel and chemical industry, hardware tools, metallurgy and minerals, mechanical engineering, medical care, home building materials, outdoor tourism, energy, and environmental protection. Meanwhile, we also form a complete business chain covering manufacturing, export, import, wholesale, finance, insurance, land, sea and air transportation, warehousing, advertising, exhibition, and after-sales service.


Adhering to the concept of "serving members, promoting exchanges, and achieving mutual interests,” the China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce focuses on members, continuously optimizes working mechanism, strengthens capacity building, improves service, bases on the mainstream society of China and Europe, is rooted in China-EU economic and trade platforms, extensively promotes cooperation and communication, and unlimitedly support the business interests and development of member companies.




China-EU commercial projects and events

Introduce, support, organize, manage, and coordinate

  • Opening up new space for worldwide economic growth
  • Building a new platform for international trade and investment
  • Expanding new implementations to improve worldwide economic governance
  • Project organization and management 86% 86%
  • Commercial events coordination 72% 72%
  • Introduction to international business 87% 87%

About us

We have a professional team experienced in international cooperation between China and Europe

Benefiting from decades of experience in the organization and collaboration of China-EU business exchanges, the China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce team has abundant talent resources and a mature organizational structure centered on Germany and gradually radiating to other EU countries. Our staff has exceptional professional backgrounds and excellent communication skills in Chinese, English, German and French, and other language talents are expected to join shortly. They are not only experts in the field of China-EU business exchanges but also envoys to promote China-EU cultural communications, which helps Chinese and European enterprises to deploy the localization strategy and to adapt to the economic, cultural, and social environments.


The China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce proactively holds business forums in Europe and China, with renowned experts in politics, business, and academics from China and Europe, to provide the latest business frontier information, market trend analysis, and to share opportunities relating to China-EU business for Chinese companies in Europe and European companies in China.


For every entrepreneur from China, entering the European market is an opportunity and a challenge. We support Chinese entrepreneurs to get familiar with the new business environment and cultural atmosphere, often making these newcomers achieve twice the result with half the effort.


Both sides of China-EU cooperation can expand development space, increase market advantage and create new business value through our support services of management. The most important thing in this process is to be fully prepared and choose the right partner to obtain and maintain long-term effective communication, and we are the one for you.


With the strong support from various Chinese and European governmental departments, non-governmental organizations, and various enterprises and institutions, the China-EU New Silk Road Chamber of Commerce annually organizes business matching events of different scales in Europe and China.

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