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Publish information through the press, the Internet, video, or other forms of digital communication


Promote scientific research cooperation and discussion, especially the areas that both China and EU concentrate to conquer, such as energy development, utilization and upgrading, ecological environmental protection and governance, and sustainable benefits. Concentrate on contact and cooperation with the German government being influential on EU decision-making, facilitating more related cooperation over China-Germany, China-EU scientific research projects, and academic exchange.


China-EU cooperation has tortuous parts but the overall momentum is good. Driven by the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) and the Belt and Road Initiative, the trade, infrastructure, economic and financial markets will continue to open up. We progressively advise relevant European institutions and organizations to maintain and forward cooperation with relevant Chinese institutions and enterprises, to achieve common development and mutual benefit.


With ten years of experience in Chinese and foreign media publicity and promotion, our staff can accurately and efficiently process and draft publicity and official correspondence in Chinese, English, German and French. In the era of new media, we also continuously settle in and adapt to various mainstream social media, conducting publicity services with the combination of cultural characteristics of China and Europe, and effectively reducing the cultural barriers of foreign investment enterprises, and improving their cultural exchanges.


Continue to organize expert teams with diverse backgrounds to monitor and evaluate the EU and China trade and investment policies, especially related measures that may affect foreign investment and competition, and promptly assist Chinese and European companies to make strategic adjustments and adaptations.


Help unify bilateral standards in the training and continuing education of skilled workers.Create more opportunities for cooperation in continuing education and training among participating countries, and facilitate communication between skilled workers.


In terms ofpolitical and economic measures involving the core interests of China-EU cooperation, we provide consultation to the party, government, and business institutions,and assistance in scientific analysis, preventive review, and countermeasures of the impacts of planned measures.

Our projects and events

China-EU commercial projects and events


Project organization and management

The signing of investment, mergers, and acquisitions, or joint venture contracts is only the first step to enter overseas local markets, and lots of work is waiting to be completed in subsequent management. During the long-term process of post-investment, our expert team can help clients with full business support over strategic management, internal structure management and business integration between the two parties, post-merger global business layout and European business development model, post-investment management and control, human resources management corresponding to the above work procedures, and European legal and taxation framework planning and risk management, etc. We also provide early financial and legal consultation for investment and operation in Europe, issue company and product feasibility analysis and investment risk assessment, mid-term document translation, conference translation, and management of files, and resolve disputes and problems arising in the cooperation between Chinese and European companies, if needed and required.

Commercial events coordination

Credit to the China-EU bilateral mature business network, good relations with the government of various countries, and years of rich experience in promoting China-EU cooperation, we can not only help Chinese government delegations and enterprises in exhibitions, elite business event planning, and group visit but also provide professional and diversified consulting services. In addition, we actively introduce Chinese partners to German companies that wish to further expand their business in China.

Introduction to international business

Being unfamiliar with local conditions and lacking cross-border commercial operation experience often cause overseas investment to hardly achieve the expected result. By integrating our business network and partner resources, we are willing to provide services and consultation for Chinese companies entering the European market, help companies find strategic investment targets in China or Europe, select investment partners, and work with our local teams in China and Europe to customize market entry strategies for you.